Love2recruit Resources.

All of our Guides and Tools will have you mastering the recruiting and hiring process in no time and the Golden Content will address many other staffing and HR areas.

However, you may still find yourself needing extra support with other employment areas that could be crucial to running your business.

We can offer you a range of services delivered through a carefully picked list of skilled partners to help you solve these problems easily.

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DISC Profiling.

Profiling can really help to cement your recruitment decision and there are several good options out there.

However, we find that the DISC method of profiling is a quick and cost effective way of identifying the personality style of the candidate.
D – Dominance
I – Influence
S – Steadiness
C – Compliance

This can be a vital component in ensuring you understand more about the person you are hiring and where they may add value to your organisation. It will also tell you where they will fit into the team dynamics and what their development areas or management style may be.

Profiling can be particularly beneficial for sales roles, or indeed, roles where strong analytical skills might be required.

If you would like to have a consultation about DISC Profiling then please contact us –



Payroll Services.

Keeping the back office in order can be a challenge so why not use our simple payroll service provided by a professional payroll provider. Good competitive rates, efficient and accurate service.




HR Advice & Consultancy.

We provide a tailored service to meet your needs and can offer support in the following areas:-

Organisational Change
Redundancy Support and Outplacement
Absence Management
Employee Disciplinaries
Employee Grievances
Policy Development
Employment Contract Changes




Employment Law Advice.

Working alongside a top employment lawyer we are able to help you manage any difficult situations that may arise requiring legal input.