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 Step 1: It's Time to Hire

Getting your recruitment off to a good start will make it easier to find the most suitable candidate and save you time, money and anxiety later on - we'll guide you through the planning stage and ensure you have everything in place.

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Step 2: Your Attraction Plan

Reaching the most suitable candidates is key to filling your role quickly. It's not about attracting loads of applicants it's about attracting the right ones - we'll guide you through this ensuring you know who you are looking for and where to look.

Guide 2 Stages





 Step 3: Finding Talent

Finding real talent, not just a fit for the role but thinking longer term and adding to your talent pool is a great way to gain value from any recruitment process. People are your greatest asset – we’ll guide you to find the very best talent available.

Guide 3 Stages





Step 4: Reviewing Applicants

Reviewing applicants and carefully selecting who to interview is crucial to ensuring you select the best person to fill your vacancy. We guide you through using your person specification and agreed criteria and pre-selection testing to ensure you only interview the very best.

Guide 4 Stages





Step 5: Setting up Interviews

Setting up interviews and keeping the very best candidates interested whilst you make a considered decision is vital. Things can still go wrong at this stage – we’ll guide you to minimise this by acting in a timely way and demonstrating how professional you are.

Guide 5 Stages





Step 6: The Right Candidate

Selecting the right candidate based on clear criteria and a professional selection process, should leave you confident that you have found the best candidate available. We’ll guide you through some checks and balances to confirm that your preferred candidate is the right candidate.

Guide 6 Stages





Step 7: Negotiate the Offer

Negotiating the right offer to secure your preferred candidate can be tricky. We’ll guide you through the stages involved in making the offer, overcoming the pitfalls and securing the acceptance of your preferred candidate.

Guide 7 Stages





Stage 8: Referencing and Paperwork

Completing all the necessary processes and paperwork to ensure you get the candidate you are expecting is an important part of the hiring journey – things can go wrong even at this stage. We’ll guide you through the checks you need to put in place to ensure you aren’t making a mistake at this stage and don’t hold the process up.

Guide 8 Stages





Stage 9: Onboarding

Planning and delivering an effective onboarding programme by keeping your new employee interested and engaged prior to their start date and then integrating them into the role is vital to completing the process. We’ll guide you through the steps to take to avoid induction crisis, getting your new employee performing and avoid losing talent before they have the opportunity to develop.

Guide 9 Stages





Stage 10: Future Talent Pool

Getting a return on your investment in the hiring journey is an essential part of any process but is very often forgotten. We’ll guide you to ensure you capitalise on your investment in attracting candidates, nurturing your internal talent and developing your new employee.

Guide 10 Stages


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