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Did you know that in the US 80% of companies hire their staff directly saving £1000’s on recruitment fees… the UK is catching up fast.


Are you a forward thinking business that is tired of spending out money on costly recruitment fees only to find the service not even up to scratch?

Do you wonder where all the good candidates are and feel frustrated that you just can't seem to find the talent you need?

Well, we have the answers... our Membership offers you a whole online support system that can help you through all your hiring needs and ongoing HR issues with your team. Online access to our E-Learning gives you the confidence to set up powerful internal hiring processes, coupled with the essential paperwork in our Tools and Templates section.

We also offer support and guidance through our Members Forum and monthly Webinars.

And want to stay ahead of your competitors?  Let us show you how to build a strong Employer Brand, super, effective Staff Engagement techniques and when and how to deal with Pay Rises... all this and more, in our comprehensive selection of Golden Content Guides.

See below for more information on all our Guides and Tools.

10 Steps of the Hiring Journey.


Follow the critical 10 Steps of the Hiring Journey

These information packed Guides talk you through ALL the essential steps when it comes to hiring your staff. Whether you use a recruitment agency or not, each of these steps are critical and down to your organisation to get it right if you want to hire the best talent in today's market.

We show you how to plan for your next hire, right through to selecting the right candidate and negotiating the offer. If things aren't going well with your recruitment strategy or your worried about staff turnover issues then getting each Step of The Hiring Journey right is essential learning for you.

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"Use our Guides and Tools
and learn to recruit like a Pro!
Source talent direct saving
your organisation £1000s"

Tools and Templates.

Not sure of all the correct paperwork you might need?

We have taken all the guess work out for you. Use our done for you Template Packs full of really useful forms, offer letters, contracts etc to ensure your employee hiring and engagement strategies are seamless.

Our Template Packs are a vital tool in your hiring journey and better still, they come free when you sign up to love2recruit membership.


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"Love2recruit is a training and information hub
bursting with all the tools and knowledge you will
ever need to hire all your staff"


Golden Content.

Ever wished you had more time and energy to put into making your HR strategy work harder? Always end up with so many burning questions when it comes to getting the best from your team and keep them motivated and happy?

Well, we've gone one step further than just wanting to teach you how to become the best direct hiring pro around - we want to make sure you have all the ongoing support you can, because we believe your team are the most important fixtures and fittings in your business.

Our Golden Content has been carefully put together after talking to many business owners about the issues that keep them up at night. We think you will love our Golden Guides and that they will give you the confidence to improve on so many staffing and HR issues.

Teaching you everything from Writing Amazing Job Ads right through to dealing with Redundancy at the other end of the spectrum. If you are in HR then let us keep you up to date and if you simply just want some hand holding as a business owner, we think we've got you covered.

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Join love2recruit and let our E-Learning show you :-


-       Techniques to attract the best candidates

-       How to cut the time to hire

-       Ways to slash your recruitment costs

-       How to showcase your Employer Brand

-       The Pro’s and Con’s of recruitment agencies and how to avoid them

-       Why Direct Hiring is the future

-       How your organisation can beat the completion to attract talent

-       Where to advertise, which job boards matter

-       What essential resources you need to direct hire

-       How to build a future talent pool

-       Tips for retaining your staff


All this online 24/7 - what are you waiting for? Become a Member today and start saving money and finding the right people for your business.

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