Nicola Kleinmann.

Nicola Kleinmann is an experienced sales and marketing professional with both agency and in-house marketing experience. In 2002 she established a key brand in the recruitment sector, from the ground up, supplying candidates in digital, marketing and creative roles.

Nicola is naturally able to spot key talent and understand the challenges and business objectives of an organisation looking to grow and find the best candidates.

Her consulting specialties include:

  • Advising on talent attraction strategies to help businesses find the best candidates
  • Coaching and mentoring candidates and clients
  • Training in successful interview techniques
  • Giving employers the confidence to build their employer brand
  • Using the latest social media recruiting techniques with ease

Love2recruit was born out of a passion to do things differently.

With the advent of the internet, the recruitment world has changed beyond recognition.

There is a myriad of tools and resources out there now that make the hiring process more accessible but more diluted all at the same time.

Over the years, we've listened to frustrated candidates and dissatisfied employers and we think there is a better way...

Clarity and Transparency are the new buzz words on candidates lips and with the amount of choice out there, they're fussy and your Employer Brand needs to stand out or you will lose the best people to your competitors.

Employers now have the chance to make their mark by Hiring Direct.

They can build a relationship and talk to candidates direct, sell their employer brand and hire great talent.

With the money saved on costly hiring fees, they can spend it growing and developing their teams instead. This improves staff retention, further cutting costs so, it's Win Win!

What is love2recruit?

Love2recruit is a unique Membership that allows businesses 24/7 access to an e-Learning platform that gives them all the Guides and Tools they need to successfully implement a Direct Hiring system in their organisation.

Just some of  the other benefits your Membership includes:-

  • FREE Employment Law Guide helping you with the legal principles in recruitment
  • monthly training webinars with all the latest news and techniques from leading, industry professionals
  • an information packed Newsletter... learn about the latest job board advice, social hiring techniques and much more
  • a members forum where you can post your questions or thoughts and share best practice with your peers
  • done for you templates in our Tools section, download them and use them over and over for offer letters, contracts, interview benchmarking and loads of other vital checklists
  • looking for a quick refresher? Just use our quick Golden Tip Sheets to help you get your perfect hire right every time
  • one on one coaching session for our Gold Members to help you get your direct hiring strategy off to a good start
  • discounts on all our Open Workshops

What can I learn?

Our membership will equip you with everything you need to get started on the Hiring Journey. If you have never hired anyone direct before we talk you through it all step by step.

But even if you are a seasoned pro and work in HR or an Internal Hiring role, we can keep you up to date on all the latest trends in Social Hiring and how to stay one step ahead of the competition with your Employer Brand proposition.

The modern day hiring manager must also be a switched on marketer and we can show you how to achieve all this with lots of support through, Guides, Tools, Videos, Webinars and a Members Forum.

There are also loads of handy done for you Templates like offer letters and contracts of employment... you can't afford to miss out on these essential tools.

How do I join?

Joining our membership couldn't be simpler! It is all done online through a secure payment gateway and takes just a few minutes to sign up.

You will then receive instructions and guidance as to how to access your membership area and get the best out of the Guides and Tools available.

Visit our Membership & Pricing page to see all the benefits waiting for you.

Let us show you how to become a Pro Recruiter in your own business and grow an amazing team!

What our clients say.

"We were recommended to use the services of love2recruit when we needed a new engineer. We had talked to a recruitment agency and their fee was really high so we needed a different solution.

Love2recruit gave us the confidence to see if we could find someone ourselves. We found that following the membership system in the love2recruit website really helped and we actually recruited not one great engineer but two!

We would definitely hire new staff ourselves again now that we have the confidence."
Rob Hill-Evans
RHE Commercial Catering Services.



"I've found love2recruit guides ideal to get a quick and practical understanding in recruiting the best people without great expense. It was about pinpointing what I needed, then the best way to get it.

love2recruit was easy to follow and showed me in steps, just the support I needed."
John Foster-Smith
Shine Design Ltd.



"As a rapidly growing business I was really fed up paying out on high recruitment agency fees.

I needed not only to recruit fast but to find exceptional people who were right for our business.

Working with love2recruit, has enabled me to take some simple but crucial steps to define exactly what I need, determine my priorities and effectively attract good candidates, whilst promoting my employer brand.

I now even have a bunch of candidates waiting for a job here!"
Peter Leopald
Rok Creative



"As a small company running on a very tight budget, the cost of recruiting good people can be just too much for us.

Since being introduced to Love2Recruit we now have the tools and confidence to carry out our own recruitment at a fraction of the cost and still get to the right people."
Richard Mackenzie-Smith


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